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Yoon Networks provides CHEMICALS
at the lowest price. It includes, EPS, speckles and UHMWPE powder

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Yoon Networks provides EPS, it can be flame retardant and has a high expansion ratio. It can be used for building material, foam, sheet, plates or packing.

Products name Thickness/size Specifications Applications
Expandable Polysterene styrene/SM Flame retardant Building material
Expanded Polysterene High expansion ratio Foam, sheet, Plates, Packing

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Yoon Networks provides colorful speckles, composed of sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, bond materials, pigment. Speckles raise the clean effect and increase the visual effect of detergent powder. They are freely colorful with different shapes pearls. Speckles should be used along with detergent powder.

Products name Composition Specifications Applications
Colorful speckles Sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, bond materals, pigment Raise the clean effect.
Increase a visual effect of detergent powder
Used with detergent powder

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2013-08-30-17.14UHMWPE powder

Yoon Networks provides UHMWPE powder which is suitable mainly for compression molding but also for extrusion of sheets, profiles and blocks, and for high modulus filaments and porous products.

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